Thursday, 29 July 2010


Dont forget tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter the stationery giveaway!! I'll be collecting all the entries at 23:59 GMT+1 (or thereabouts) tomorrow evening, so if you're reading this and haven't entered, go have a look NOW ;D

Today was another empty mailbox day. But it's cool, it means I'm totally up to date with my replies. I just have a first letter request to complete.

A letter to Micaela. Have you seen her coffee date?

A letter to Patty.

A reply to Megan.

Letter for my Getting to Know you swap.

Some goodies for the "I heart suprises in my mailbox" swap. (3 envies, 2 notecards and some stickers and memo sheets as extras)
I am in London from the 3rd - 12th of August, so I won't have incoming or outgoing post to document. BOOO! :( But it means I get to ramble at you on various subjects... in between packing of course ;) Wishing you all good mail days!! xx
4 Letters
1 Package
1 AU
1 EU
3 NA


  1. Oh so excited to see a letter for me, I love the way you have decorated the envelope. Love Micaela's envelope too.
    I had blogged about your giveaway but had not entered, silly goose, but I have now. Have fun in London, looking forward to reading about it.

  2. Well, you've entered now, so that's the main thing ;)

    You'll see that most of the decoration on your envie is pre-printed, but I did add a few stickers of my own ;) I wonder how long it will take to reach you?

    Thanks for your well wishes my love :) xx

  3. Your letters are the cutest.

  4. i just love your mail art and i am SO excited already for my little letter! :)

    next time, i do hope you enjoy in our coffee date! you are too cute to mention it.

    i will hold you accountable for next time, just so you know ;)


  5. Thank you Laura :)

    I'll be sure to join the next one Micaela, I can't wait to have my mugs back! Maybe you should host an evening drinks date and we can show off our favourite wine/cocktail/shot glass and favourite tipple? Wow, I sound like a wino ;)