Saturday, 24 July 2010


Yesterday I made a trip to the dreaded post office to bulk buy some stamps and send a couple of swap bot packages.

It felt amazing to have real stamps in my hands again and know that my letters will get the postage they deserve (rather than those ridiculously ugly metered mail stickers). It also means I can avoid the mean post office lady who always complains about my letters... she's just jealous I think.

Anyway, I haven't posted my letters yet, but I'm going into town today so will likely post them from there, but I did post my two swaps, here they are, in all their glory. I really hope they get to their homes ok!

Goodies for a Hello Kitty Swap. There was also a little mobile
phone charm thingy that somehow managed to escape the photo :1
Contents: postcard, card, letter set, memo sheets, notebook, keyring, sticker,
sticky notepad, eraser, cotton candy with popping candy and lipstick
style candy thing. Oh and said mobile phone charm.

I had some fun with the envies too. The airmail design is my definite
favourite of all the ones I've created. It's going on EVERY big envie I
send these days :D

This is for a super kawaii swap. Including a card, a letter set, a sticker
sheet, some ribbon, that little envie contains around 30 sticker flakes,
a cute cookie man keyring, a HK eraser. I also popped in one of those
HK candy lipstick things, but again, it evaded the pic. How does this
I also sent whole bunch of memo sheets, because my partner's
profile stated she loved them. Lucky I spent a fortune in Artbox
during my last London trip eh? ;)

Again, my fun with the envie. :D
Apart from wanting these to get to their destinations for the obvious reasons, I also don't have the means to make up identical packages if they go missing. I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing... so far my mail from here has arrived without a problem. But I'm still paranoid. I suppose that won't disappear for a while...
It's Saturday morning and the bf is still dozing in bed. I want to check the mailbox but fear it's too early. We're off into town today to discover the San Martino shopping centre. I'm leaving my money at home ;)
Buon Weekend xx
2 Packages
1 EU
1 NA


  1. Ooh, today sounds exciting =) Haha, Iain is still in his bed aswell.
    I posted your letter to you yesterday - but I sent it to London because I thought that you were moving soon and didn't know how Italy did forwarding, so wanted to be safe. Hope that's ok? Also, I hope your mum is feeling better! Much love xx

  2. Hey sweetness, it's fine to go to London, I should be there in little over a week anyway. I am moving, but we have the keys to this flat until the end of August, so there will be a lucky overlap period. If we ever get a new flat sorted out! Thank you for the lovely wishes, I'll pass them on :) xx

  3. ooh wow those people are lucky ahaa :L xx

  4. I love the cookie man keyring. This is soooooooooooooo cute.

  5. I'm glad you think so Gem, I hope they do too ;)

    He is cute isn't he Fabi? is my biggest stationery and cute gifts supplier/obssession :)

  6. You always create the most gorgeous little packages!