Sunday, 13 June 2010


I got in trouble when I went to the post office on Friday. Apparently I hadn't left enough space for the stamp (wuh?!) and the moody lady at the post office spent a lot of time complaining in Italian. I almost muttered 'che palle' under my breath, but thankfully held my tongue.

If I was worried that your letters weren't going to reach you last time, I'm even more worried this time round!

Anyhoo, here is documentation that I did actually write the letters, but after Caiti's tease with the mystery letters, I decided to do the same ;) I have one more letter to reply to and one that is written already and will be sent tomorrow. I'm currently in Lyon, so some of you will get Italian stamps and some of you will get French ones :)

A handful of mystery letters :)

4 Letters

3 NA
1 Asia


  1. Haha, nice! Mystery letters are great! :)

    You should make an "ironic" envelope someday. Where you box out an area for the stamps and write "Stamps go here!" and make it all too obvious for even a three year very colorful, lots of arrows, a frame around the space, diagrams documenting how to put a stamp onto the letter...something like that. It'd be amusing to me at least!

  2. I am totally up for the ironic envie. I may even include 'stamp goes here' in several languages!

    The thing is that on most of those cute envies, there is a space for the stamp already marked... but Italian stamps are bigger than UK stamps and I guess the lady didn't want to cover up some of the pics on the envie? Who knows. Italians are good at exaggerating (and they like complaining as much as us Brits ;)