Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Happy Happy Happy!!

My mum regularly informs me that I have a huge pile of post mounting up at home. This makes me both happy and sad at the same time... happy that it's there, but sad that I'm not.

The happy happy is that I'm going home tomorrow (albeit for 2 days) to pick up all the stuff we need and getting back here for saturday morning so we can keep our plans to explore Milano together and maybe meet up with some friends from the bf's work.

I'm so excited to see my kitty and my mum and my POST :D :D :D :D

I'm also going to pick up books and my jewellery making supplies and loads of stationery (as well as all the practical things we need here) so I have plenty of things to do here while the school take their time on deciding when they are going to start training... (bah, more on that another time maybe?)

But yes, for now I'm happy about the mail situation. And hopefully we'll get a key to the mailbox this evening so I can finally give everyone my Italian Address :D

Ah, simple pleasures, hehe


  1. Oh how exciting,I would love to have a big pile of post to go to. I posted your letter yesterday!

  2. I know that feeling. When I first move to another city to study a few years ago I decided to keep receiving mail in my parents house for a while, and sometimes I just could go there once a month, when I used to arrive to my bedroom there was a pile of letters to me and postcards, oh it was so good :)

  3. Do NOT read my letter if you are extremely happy or extremely sad! lol Something about your latest letter to me made me think "She's kind of like me...I think she'd really understand..." so I opened up a few skeletons! But they're not the happiest of memories or anything. I can't 100% remember...I just know that it doesn't start out as the cheeriest letter, but I did write more on other things after that initial page or two of sorrow! I'm sure it's not AS bad as I'm remembering...but yeah if you want to save my letter for last, I completely understand.

  4. I doubt your letter will have reached me before my flight early on saturday Megan, but I may get my mum to forward it on to me... so hopefully you won't have to wait an age for a reply!!

    Joana, I've never been in this situation before, so I'm really excited and will probably be overwhelmed by the post, I'll be sure to show pics, hehe

    Caiti, thank you for the warning, but I'm sure it was necessary!! It warms my heart that you think so well of me though... xx