Monday, 28 June 2010

Empty mailbox

I'm not sure when or how often the mail is delivered in Cameri. I think I'd have a hard time finding out because the post office staff here aren't the nicest.

I'm sad for other reasons, but my empty mailbox doesn't help :(

Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have mail to reply to...? There's so much to do in the flat it's unreal and if I start writing letters I'll never get anything done!

I'd better get on with that 'stuff' eh?

I hope you're all having much better mail days than me ;)


  1. You'd have my letter by now if I was thinking straight! I sent it several days ago and where did it land? My doorstep. I forgot the additional 54 cents that international required! Completely my fault. It's being resent today in a prettier envelope. When I do a mail post later (today), it'll be listed! :P

  2. Oops!! Nevermind eh? I got two surprise letters in the mail today, so my mailbox got a little pat for making me happier :D

  3. Aww well that's good :) I also might wait to do one big mail post tomorrow instead of today.

    Am feeling very under the weather and don't want to venture outside to the post office. I want to curl up in a dark cave for a week. :(