Monday, 14 June 2010


I was comforted by the knowledge, given to me by my bf, that the post office here in Ste Foy has a machine that you can use to print stamps, so I didn't have to use my awful knowledge of French to try and get postage over the counter.

I was even more pleased when I went there today and saw you could change the language on the machine, so I got to press buttons in English! However, I wasn't really counting on things being called different names (I'm sheltered, I know), so as usual, I'm a little worried about the letter I posted today... although the price of the postage seems about right for the weight and destination, so fingers crossed it will get there.

Also, the printed stamp was pretty cool, with pics of paper airplanes and whatnot. I'll have to take a pic for the next letter I post from here.

A first letter reply to Megan

I hope it reaches you ok!!

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  1. I LOVE that fairyland stationery!

  2. I know, as soon as I saw the set, I had to buy it! Unfortunately, I do that alot... but it's totally worth it ;)

  3. Where did you happen to buy the stationery? I absolutely love it!

  4. I get a lot of my stationery from Artbox... at least I did when I was in the UK. Here's the link to the set