Saturday, 19 June 2010

Inspire Me Swap - Pic Heavy

So, as I said a very long time ago, I'd go into more depth on the inspire me swap I put together for the start of June.

As a recap, the swap required filling an envelope with 7 smaller envies, each containing an inspiration item, quote, poem, drawing etc. And they had to be decorated. I didn't go overboard with the decoration of the envelopes, but I included more than one inspiration item in each envie, so I hope it balanced out ok.

Here goes...

I took most of my inspiration from two books: When I loved myself enough by Kim McMillen and 101 Poems that could save your life, I also used a quote from William Blake in each envelope, he is one of my favourite artists... such great poetry and illustrations! I also used a few quotes that I found on the net.

I really hope my partner likes it and can draw comfort and inspiration from each page. I know that is what it brought me as I was making it!


  1. That looks so cool =) I love William Blakes poetry too! Might have to go check out Kim McMillen tho =) xx
    P.S. I got your postcard from Lyon too, thank you!

  2. You should check her out, I really like the book. It seems it is no longer in print, but you can get it from sellers on Amazon.

    I am really suprised you got the postie already! Great postal service eh?