Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I've been terrible about posting my mail regularly, I'm sorry! I also realised that I posted my outgoing last week without posting about the incoming I was replying to... double sorry :(

Anyhoo, I went for an early bike ride because the morning was cloudy and cool yesterday (but it got sunny and humid toward the end of my journey) and when I got back to Via Cavour I found two letters poking out of the mailbox, just waiting for my return! I was so excited I yanked them out before I'd even gotten off my bike, but managed the self control needed to wait until I got back to the flat to investigate :D


They were both surprise letters, what a treat!! The first was from my sister in London and the second a first letter from the sweet Sarah.


The large envie is for a swap 'Just Draw 2' where you had to sit and draw for an hour. The smaller envie is a reply to my sister. Just a short note really.

For the drawing swap I pencilled the view from my balcony of the church clock tower and rooftops and I sent another pen drawing inspired by the beautiful landscape of Novara. Silly me forgot to take pictures of the drawings before I sealed the envie, so you'll just have to imagine I'm afraid.

I've yet to check the mailbox today, so if I'm a very lucky girl then there may be an edit to this post. Fingers crossed!!

1 Package
1 Letter

1 NA
1 EU


  1. Thank you soooo much for your letter. I will answer as soon as I can and I love it soooo much :)!

    I love the envelope for your sister. It looks cute.

    Hope you had mail in your mailbox :)!


  2. Sadly there was no mail today :( But that's ok! Maybe tomorrow? ;)

    You're more than welcome for your letter, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    The envie to my sister I made from some really awesome wrapping paper I bought in Turin. I'm finding it difficult to get hold of cute/interesting stationery here, so I'm getting creative!