Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Hello!! I know, I know, it's been an age, I'm sorry :( I've been at my new job for three and a half weeks now but I've still not found a routine. Although, to be honest, I've not been trying to find one. Oops!

I had an ok day at work but then the checkout lady at the supermarket totally ruined my day, so my list of things to do for the evening has gone out of the window and I'm going to veg out with a movie this evening. After posting and reading all your blogs of course ;)

If someone had told me a month ago that I'd only go online every 3-4 days for ten minutes to check my emails, I'd never have believed them. How life changes eh?


Letters from Caiti, Muriah and Carla

Posties from Postcrossing and the red telephone is from Nicola

The above is but a small selection of the wonderful mail I've been receiving. Sadly there have been no outgoing pretties, but I have resolved to change that as of this weekend!! Also, sorry for the poor quality of the pics, I am on my balcony, having enjoyed another spectacular pink and orange sunset and now the sun has disappeared and I am left with autumnal blue twilight. Too pretty.

I wish you all fabulous mail days and make a pledge to get three letters posted by this coming monday! xx


  1. I got your letter yesterday and it made my day! I am sorry that lady at the grocery shop made you unhappy. At least you have a beautiful sunset to cheer you up!

  2. Ria! I just got my letter returned from your first address after a few months of it going MIA! I'll get a new one(and the returned one) back out to you this week!

    - Kendra

  3. Megan, I'm so happy you loved the letter :D And congrats with your job offer!! I eargerly await your reply miss ;D xx

    Kendra - OH NO! I'm so sorry that you didn't know my add had changed :( I don't have your email so you obviously didn't get my mail about the new address :..( Thanks so much for sending again xx