Sunday, 10 October 2010


Do you remember in my last post I pledged to get three letters posted by Monday? Well, YAY for me, because I did it ;) I may even indulge and write a fourth one today!

I still have 12 letters to reply to and 3 postcards to send, so thank you once again for your patience :D

I've found that now I'm not sleeping on the train so much I can actually write letters during that small space of time to myself. It does, however, mean, that every so often, my writing gets a little crazy thanks to the movement of the train, but I'm sure you all understand ;)


A lovely and unexpected first letter from Sheilta in the States.

An equally lovely letter from the fabulous Darcy.


A letter to Michelle in Singapore. She sent me the amazing Kawaii package I most recently received.

A reply to the sweet, sweet Audrey in Malaysia.

And finally a reply to my niece in Ireland.

I've had a lot of fun with stamps because I'm finally running out of exact value stamps so I've been decorating the envies with a multitude of stamps, which has made me happy to no end!

I'm currently sitting on my kitchen balcony, trying to enjoy a home made cappucino from a sachet, which is proving difficult after enjoying milky coffees from cafes for the past two weekends. The air is fragrant and crisp, the courtyard is quiet and there is a light Autumnal mist hanging in the air.

I'm happy and inspired and I want this feeling to last all the way through to Monday... but with a 5.30am alarm call, I'm not sure it will :b

3 Letters

2 AS
1 EU