Monday, 13 September 2010


I had to wait a lot longer for my stamps than anticipated, but I picked them up from the post office a couple of weekends ago, and although I haven't needed to use them yet, I'm going to start pretty soon.

I must say, I was super excited to have them in my hands and I leafed through them, caressing them lovingly, like the strange person I am. Here they are...

All the pretties lined up together :D

What you can't see is that the little envies on these stamps are shiney!

In Italy there is no 0,50 stamp, so I had to settle for 0,52 instead :/

The 1,00E stamp is by far my favourite. So simple and elegant!

I still have some other stamps left over, so the stamps you'll find on your letters may or may not include these. Next time I order stamps I'm going to have some fun mixing and matching designs ;)

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