Friday, 3 September 2010


Haha, do you remember that I complained earlier in the month at not being able to find my little stash of Italian stamps? Well tonight I pulled out my crappy piece of paper that documents the price of sending various letter sizes and weights from Italy to other countries and guess what fell out from in between the folds? Yep, stamps! So I'm happy :D


Yesterday's training day did not have the same effect as on Tuesday. Sure, it was tiring, but not nearly as bad. I got home, sealed and stamped the letters from the previous post and even wrote a WHOLE letter!! Crazy huh? ;)

I'm feeling mischevious, so I'm not declaring the destinations of these letters, hehe. Know that they are all going to people who have blogs, who have been waiting a while for replies and are all lovely ladies. Fit the bill? Maybe one of these is yours ;)

I'm obviously tired because I'm starting to sound like a game show hostess! So I'll wrap it up! Hopefully I can get some posties posted tomorrow, but for now my main supplies are trapped behind locked doors and nylon sheeting while our spare room is being painted.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

3 Letters

1 EU
2 NA

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  1. It's fun to engage in mischief now and then; surprises are great!