Sunday, 12 September 2010


I checked the mailbox last night in an effort to cheer myself up after my shoulder/neck muscle inflicted an awful cramp on me (which now means I can’t move my neck properly and am in pretty much constant pain) and I wasn’t disappointed. I found these two little pretties waiting for me.


The letter on top is a lovely little note from a reader, Rosemary, in Canada. It was terribly sweet and she sent some very cute little stickers too. The letter underneath is from Zoe in the states who wrote on adorable handmade Moomin paper :)


I received this awesome package some time in the week, from Michelle in Singapore for the few flat kawaii goodies swap. Not only is it cute, cute, cute, but she jam packed it with awesome stuffs.


She included a HUGE stack of memos, most of which I shall find hard to part with!


AND two letter sets, a sticker sheet, some cute sticker flakes, a little zipped pouch, some adorable tissues and a lovely little letter. Too sweet! :D

I didn’t get round to writing any letters yesterday. In fact I hardly crossed off anything from my to do list :( so today will have to be extra productive!! Wish me luck ;)

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  1. cute, cute and cute kawaii goodies :-) Got your letter yesterday, and I had a blast reading it! Will be working on a reply soon :-)