Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So today I made my trip to the post office in the pouring rain. I spent ages at the counter as the lady told me which stamps needed to go on which bits, I was sending to the UK, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Russia, The US and Canada. It cost me a bargainous £3.76, I was expecting a little more, but was quite pleased that it wasn't too expensive.

I took some pictures of my post box gifts last night, but my digital camera is on the way out so they are all pretty much out of focus :( I'll post them tomorrow.

I have the prospect of another penpal which excites me to no end! I'm off to see my friend's flat tonight and I'll be sure to rave about postcrossing to him and I'm sure he'll roll his eyes at me.

If I'm this excited now, what will I be like when the mail starts coming in??


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