Monday, 10 January 2011

Incoming - YAY!

I don't send Christmas cards, I feel a little bad about that when I happen to receive them. I received two pretties in the mail today and I actually love the fact that these arrived late (Thank YOU Poste Italiane!) because it brought a little holiday cheer to warm my heart. Today was the first day back to work, don't you know.

This light up Christmas card plays Jingle bells too and included a letter from the sweet Muriah.

This little cutie is from Jen in the states and has left me permanently covered in glitter...

No, really, it doesn't brush off! Not that I'm complaining ;)

And I'm sitting here with a glass of white wine, consoling myself because my baking experiment went terribly and now I don't have sweet things to feed my colleagues with. I mean, it's only been 4 months that I've been promising them baked treats... too much pressure perhaps?

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